Co-operation with external partners crowned with success
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Co-operation with external partners crowned with success

In February 2018, ECOVIS Colombia was established from a company founded in 2000 providing services in the fields of auditing, taxation and consulting, with clients in different sectors of the economy such as industry, health, education, non-profit organizations, free trade zones and food. Ecovis has entered into successful co-operation with GIA (Gestion Integral de Abastecimiento), a business partner specialized in different projects designed to install systems of integrated supply management.

Our company has developed a method that focuses on looking at ways to make savings within a company.

In 2015, one of our clients, a non-profit organization, dedicated to the provision of accommodation services, gym facilities, social events, restaurants and sports events, among other things, hired us to evaluate some indicators determining the possible existence of opportunities for a positive impact on their cash flow.

As a result of the evaluation, weaknesses were detected in the processes of acquisition of goods and services and in the decentralisation of purchases performed without the existence of policies defining the criteria for the acquisition of goods and services.

Together with GIA Integral Supply Management, we devised a plan to achieve early success with measures impacting cash flow, and a parallel plan to integrate the methodology into the client’s organizational culture and build the supply management platform that would allow flow with transparency under policies defined by senior management. The negotiation model achieved savings within the region of 11% of the total of purchases made. This percentage was used as the basis for determination of the cost of the consultancy service provided.

Currently, our client is reaping the benefit of savings achieved by applying our methodology and by making improvements to its technological platform.

Rodrigo Moreno Navarrete, Chief Executive Officer, ECOVIS Colombia SAS, Bogotá, Colombia

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