US Medical Technology Company Active in Several Countries in Europe


The client is a US company, one of the world’s leaders in specialised medical technology, with a European headquarter located in Spain.

Their warehouses were located in six European countries, filing of tax returns in the six involved countries were done internally. In 2013 the company decided to allocate a central warehouse in Spain. Compliance for tax returns in the transition period could not be handled internally any more since technical knowledge as well as available staffing for such tax compliance work fell short of their capacity and were not part of the staff’s core functions.

We were asked by the client if we could take care of the remaining tax compliance work. As it was a very urgent matter due to tax filing deadlines, they asked for our rapid assistance. We assembled a compliance team (six Ecovis colleagues in six countries) and were able to start all the necessary tax compliance work for the six countries in a short period of time.

The international compliance work was finalised with very satisfactory results for the client. The client nowadays still uses the ECOVIS group whenever highly qualified or international competence is needed.