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Short term liquidity problems due to financial crises

Due to the general financial crises orders have slumped, which lead to drastic financial problems, although it was planned to finance the investments in a new manufacturing hall from the cash flow.

The complete cost and process analyses was done by ECOVIS experts. These showed the need to speed up the relocation to the new manufacturing hall (it was planned originally to use the old one longer) since the use of two parallel production places caused the high process costs. A new financial concept and new short term loans were set up by ECOVIS experts in order to accelerate the process.

The new financial concept helped the firm to survive even the 40 % break down in revenues of 2010. A controlling and liquidity management system set up by ECOVIS helps to control the liquidity of the firm easily on a monthly basis.
[progress percentage=”40″]break down in 2010:[/progress]