Complex Reporting is Now Even More Complex
14.10.2019 | In December 2018, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) revised and expanded Form 5471. The aim was to require additional reporting and also to encompass the compliance related to the new international tax provisions enacted as part of the Tax Cut and Jobs Act of 2017 (“TJIC”).
Barlow Robbins LLP Advises International Clients on Data Privacy
10.10.2019 | If customer data is processed, these processes are subject to various data protection laws and agreements between countries worldwide. But not all companies are familiar with the details that must be kept.
Free Webinar: Financial Licensing and Passporting in Europe
09.10.2019 | Eastern European countries have been seen as the gate to enter the EU market, which is considered the largest and most active single market worldwide. Free trade has made the EU the largest trading block in the world. The hurdles for entering the EU market through eastern countries are pretty low. Hence, the region has…
VAT Exemptions for Home and Office Sales to Foreigners
07.10.2019 | Article 13 of Turkish Value Added Tax Law No. 3065 provides VAT exemptions on certain goods and services. Consequently, the first delivery of a home or office shall be exempt from VAT for Turkish citizens abroad and non-resident real or legal persons.
Leasing of Pleasure Yachts in Malta – A VAT Perspective
01.10.2019 | The Maltese Government has introduced new rules for the calculation of VAT on the leasing of pleasure yachts. Ecovis Malta explain how the VAT is calculated correctly.
The Wins Keep Coming for the Australian Taxation Office
30.09.2019 | The Federal Court's ground-breaking ruling against Chevron Australia Holdings Pty in 2017, encouraged the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) and the government to amend the law on thin capitalisation and transfer pricing and more actively pursue large multinationals. But even smaller companies which operate in Australia or wish to settle there, must prepare for the effects.
Finance Institution and FinTech Licensing in Single European market
26.09.2019 | There are more than 100 foreign capital fintech companies in Lithuania. The reasons for this are an uncomplicated and fast licensing procedure, a generous regulatory environment and good infrastructure.
ECOVIS is now represented in Nepal
25.09.2019 | Ecovis welcomes its new partners from ECOVIS PYC & Associates headquartered in Kathmandu. ECOVIS PYC & Associates was founded by Mr Yuddha Raj Oli over a decade ago. Today the firm is run by two partners and has a total staff of 50 among them 12 CPAs. The team of ECOVIS PYC & Associates is…
Ecovis welcomes its new partners from ECOVIS Audit Macedonia
18.09.2019 | ECOVIS Audit Macedonia was established on 1st July 1995 and is based in Skopje. The firm provides audit of financial statements of middle and large companies, banks, insurance companies, other financial institutions and companies which prepare consolidated financial statements. In addition, ECOVIS AUDIT MACEDONIA offers tax and financial consulting, accounting & payroll services and business…
Changes to be navigated by Ecovis UK over the coming years
02.09.2019 | ECOVIS Wingrave Yeats recently registered as a non-US registered firm with the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB) in order to ensure that our UK audits meet the needs of all stakeholders in future.
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