Ecovis welcomes its new partners from ECOVIS Audit Macedonia
18.09.2019 | ECOVIS Audit Macedonia was established on 1st July 1995 and is based in Skopje. The firm provides audit of financial statements of middle and large companies, banks, insurance companies, other financial institutions and companies which prepare consolidated financial statements. In addition, ECOVIS AUDIT MACEDONIA offers tax and financial consulting, accounting & payroll services and business…
Changes to be navigated by Ecovis UK over the coming years
02.09.2019 | ECOVIS Wingrave Yeats recently registered as a non-US registered firm with the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB) in order to ensure that our UK audits meet the needs of all stakeholders in future.
United Kingdom Immigration Legal Updates
02.09.2019 | This year has seen substantial changes in British immigration law, and there is more in the pipeline. In this article we examine the changes so far and explain their implications.
New Reporting Requirements for International Transactions in the US
02.09.2019 | As global economics have prospered due to increasing cross-border trade and international business transactions, the US government has introduced new tax regulations governing how these transactions are accounted for.
Brand Protection: The US fashion brand Supreme wins trademark rights in China
02.09.2019 | In the western part of the world, China is notorious for manufacturing and selling counterfeit branded products. This raises the question of whether it makes any sense to register a trademark in a country like China.
Ecovis welcomes its new partners from ECOVIS BCA Lebanon
06.08.2019 | ECOVIS BCA Lebanon is a newly-launched audit, tax and advisory firm headquartered in Beirut. The firm was officially launched in April 2019 by its three partners Tony Boutros, Bassam Cordahi and Rita Abou Kadah.
FinTech: UK’s Contis Group have picked Lithuania as the best route for accessing the EU
29.07.2019 | The Board of the Bank of Lithuania decided to issue the Electronic Money Institution (EMI) license for UAB Finansinės paslaugos „Contis“– part of UK based Contis Group securing groups access to the financial markets of continental Europe.
Video: How can companies benefit from data analytics?
23.07.2019 | Can companies really save money with data analytics? Yes, they can. Reuben Barry from Ecovis London explains how he and his team helped clients to reduce their costs just by analyzing data. Check out the video and share it:
Germany: Warning to online traders!
19.07.2019 | Online trading is becoming ever more of a challenge in Germany. Traders are now requested to apply for a certificate from the German tax authorities in accordance with art. 22f of the German Value Added Tax Act (UStG). Without this certificate, trading via online platforms will be impossible. Ecovis can provide you with the information…
Colombia: What a foreign investor with a location in Colombia should not forget
19.07.2019 | The globalization of the economy has led to the elimination of import and export duties at borders and Colombia stands out in the region for attracting foreign investment, due to its strategic location, which allows it to become an export platform; furthermore, the peace process has brought stability to its economy and it is known…
Colombia: The 21st century workforce
19.07.2019 | The workforce and technology are changing. They are more digital, more technological and more global. Colombia is making the necessary adjustments to be prepared for this. Digital technology is disrupting entire industries and changing the way companies do business across all stages of the value chain. It affects how they develop, market, produce, sell and…
Romania: The new capital markets
19.07.2019 | It was January 3rd,2009 when the bitcoin network was created and Satoshi Nakamoto mined the first block of the chain, the genesis block. It was the birth of a technology that will grow to be embedded in almost every aspect of our life. After the bitcoin rally, the financial world took notice and started getting involved…
USA: FIRPTA – Sale of U.S Real Property Interest by Foreign Individuals
19.07.2019 | Strong economies of many foreign jurisdictions have contributed to the increase in the purchase of real property interest by many foreign investors in the United States. A measurable tax pain is experienced when this property is sold. The sale of U.S. real property interest by a foreign person is subject to FIRPTA (Foreign Investment in…
Ecovis is now represented in Pakistan
09.07.2019 | We welcome our new partners of ECOVIS FAMCO Associates headquartered in Karachi.
Ecovis has a new partner in Madrid
08.07.2019 | In addition to our local Madrid partners of ECOVIS Fiscalges and ECOVIS Legal Spain v. CARSTENN-LICHTERFELDE ABOGADOS we are glad to welcome our new colleagues from ECOVIS Grosclaude & Partners. ECOVIS Grosclaude & Partners was established in July 1990. It is an independent auditing firm focused on serving local and international companies and organizations located…
Ecovis is now represented in Guatemala
02.07.2019 | We welcome our new partners of ECOVIS Mendez Sagastume & Asociados headquartered in Guatemala City.
Best Practices for German Companies in Egypt – Webinar Recording
26.06.2019 | Most people are not fully aware of the advantages of doing business or investing in Egypt. Targeted to be one of the Top 10 economies of the world, Egypt has provided various incentives for corporates! The earlier companies start to plan moving to Egypt, the more advantages you get. There are different tax incentives and…
Greece: International Tax, Audit, Accounting and Legal News
13.06.2019 | New law for strategic investments in Greece. Read more in our newsletter...
China’s Cryptocurrency
China’s Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Regulatory Environment
17.05.2019 | In China, transactions in cryptocurrencies are heavily regulated. Ashley Tian of Ecovis, Beijing, explains the limitations and effects in this article. Background Prior to 2017, China had the world’s largest cryptocurrency market – with 80% of bitcoin, the world’s leading digital coin.1 In July, 2018, the Central Bank of China stated that banning the domestic…
data analytics and audit
Data Analytics and the Evolving Audit
17.05.2019 | Big data is not only revolutionizing business strategies and product development but has also made its appearance in the auditing field. In order to be able to offer its clients an even higher standard of effective and efficient services, Marcum LLP has adopted the use of analytics tools in its auditing practices. An auditor has…
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