Case studies

Co-operation with external partners crowned with success
13.07.2018 | Ecovis has entered into successful co-operation with GIA, a business partner specialized in different projects designed to install systems of integrated supply management.
Ecovis Costa Rica has many successful clients. The fact that Ecovis is an international firm has helped us with the acquisition of one of our clients, PTI.
12.07.2018 | PTI is currently focused on expansion of infrastructure throughout Latin America, the Caribbean and the United States.
ECOVIS assists its client with outsource accounting, local tax compliance and company formation
04.06.2018 | Background Our client in Turkey is a subsidiary of a multinational company operating in the field of batteries, chargers, accessories for motive, reserve, aerospace and defence applications. The client’s headquarters are located in the United States of America.
ECOVIS Legal Spain assists Spanish automotive components producer with expansion of plant
04.06.2018 | Background Our client is a major multinational company in the automotive sector, with various plants in Spain which produce automotive components. The company needed to expand one of its plants in Northern Spain to increase its production capacity.
Ecovis Sydney provides comprehensive start-up services to UK film company
04.06.2018 | Background In November 2012 KEO Films, which had recently won a contract to produce an Australian version of a UK TV series, was put in contact with Ecovis Sydney, because they needed to get their footprint established urgently, before Christmas!