Digitalization of commercial processes: fastdocs – Automated acquisition of personnel data
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Digitalization of commercial processes: fastdocs – Automated acquisition of personnel data

You have hired a new employee and ask us to consider this in the next payroll accounting. Some of you are already dreading the questionnaire that has to be filled in for this purpose. So many questions that you as an employer cannot answer without asking the new employee anyway. As an alternative to the personnel questionnaire on paper, we can now offer you a simple solution to retrieve all relevant information in an automated electronic process and provide it to the payroll accounting: fastdocs.
You can already use this solution today. You need neither a user account nor an installation and we even offer this service to our clients completely free of charge.

How does fastdocs work?

You as employer start the process by clicking on the link:

Here you select the type of employment in the first step and are then asked to enter the contractual data on the employment and an e-mail address of the new employee.

That is all you have to do as an employer. Everything else is done now automatically by fastdocs:

  • The employee will receive an e-mail from fastdocs with a link where he/she has to enter his/her personal data.
  • fastdocs offers help and support on the spot in the form. With clear language, fastdocs makes difficult questions easier to understand.
  • Critical fields such as social security number, tax identification number or IBAN are checked in the background by fastdocs due to an intelligent validation. If data is incorrect, the user is notified and can correct the entry.

Incorrect data and incomplete forms are outdated.

Whether on a smartphone, tablet or desktop PC, the forms are filled out correctly in shortest time.

The result is on the one hand a completely filled out personnel master data sheet for the personnel file, which both you and we receive by e-mail from fastdocs.

On the other hand, your payroll administrator receives a corresponding electronic data record, which he or she can import into the payroll program. This means that transmission errors can no longer occur here either.

As you can see, this solution speeds up the entire process and completely avoids queries and errors.

Give it a go! Click on the following link and you are ready to go.

You should save this link as a favourite in your browser so that it is directly available when you make a new setting. Of course, your payroll clerk will also be happy to provide you with this link again at any time.

You can’t yet imagine exactly how fastdocs works? In this video the founder of fastdocs, Evelyn Oettinger, alias „Emmy“, shows you how the steps work for you as an employer:

Fastdocs für den Arbeitgeber – so einfach ist es

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