TV stations support producers during the crisis
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TV stations support producers during the crisis

The film industry is also sending out a positive signal: TV stations support their producers during the crisis and show solidarity. We analyse the measures taken by broadcasters and collecting societies.

Hereinafter we have an overview of the specific measures taken by broadcasters and collecting societies.

Measures taken by TV stations during the Corona crisis


The public broadcasters guarantee to cover 50 percent of the additional costs incurred by postponing filming. In doing so, the broadcasters reserve the right to deduct claims that producers have against third parties. These claims could arise, for example, from the use of short-time work benefits or from government aid programs. In addition, it is a prerequisite that the regular start of filming of the commissioned production was scheduled until April 30, 2020.


RTL has announced that it will bear a significant proportion of the additional costs incurred, after a case-by-case assessment. In addition, the channel is inviting to a round table discussion of broadcasters, producers and politicians on May 11.


Similar to RTL, ProSieben/Sat1 intends to carry out a case-by-case assessment in order to contribute to the additional costs. According to the broadcaster, these could be well over 50 percent, however, they could also be lower than this.

Measures taken by collecting societies

Society for the exploitation of performing rights (GVL)

The GVL offers a one-time aid of 250 euros. To get this aid, the applicant must have participated in at least one regular distribution of the GVL. In addition, the applicant needs to provide proof of the loss of production.

Society for musical performing and mechanical reproduction rights (GEMA)

GEMA offers all licensees the option of suspending all monthly, quarterly and annual contracts retroactively. No GEMA fees are due for the period during which the operation is closed down due to official orders.

Diverse measures by industry associations, funding institutions and cultural associations

In addition, various measures are being taken by industry associations, funding institutions and cultural associations to provide support for producers during the crisis. These vary from the provision of information to financial aid. The respective parties keep those affected up to date.

The largest aid fund in this area was decided by the German Federal Film Board (FFA). We have already described the FFA’s measures in detail in a previous blog post. Please feel free to contact us if you need support in filing your application or if you need further Information.

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