Suspicion of fraud: NRW stops payments of Corona emergency aid
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Suspicion of fraud: NRW stops payments of Corona emergency aid

In the current corona crisis, an emergency aid scheme for self-employed persons and micro-enterprises was set up. Now there have apparently been attempts of fraud. NRW stops payment of Corona emergency aid. We assess the situation for you.

The LKA (Criminal investigation department of NRW) came across prominently placed fake websites, with which data was apparently to be fished off via fake forms. Now the authorities are reacting and NRW is stopping the payment of Corona emergency aid.

What does this mean for approved applications?

Apparently, companies whose applications have already been approved must be patient until payment is made. Several thousand applicants are affected. So far, it is not clear when the authorities will resume payments.

Many of the applications submitted at the end of March had probably been received twice. As a result, the examination of the applications must now be done manually.

It is not yet clear whether there is a link between the „double applications“ and the suspected fraud.

Can entrepreneurs accelerate payment?

If you have an application for authorisation, you can present it to banks and savings banks. In many cases this could be sufficient for pre-financing.

If your application is still being examined, you can only wait and see. We will keep you informed.

How can you recognize fake websites?

Whether it is a reliable site, you can see from the URL. Official pages of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia end on „.nrw“ or „“.

Accordingly, pages with other URL endings are not official addresses of the state of NRW.

What does this mean for the application for NRW Emergency Aid 2020?

If you have not yet made an application, nothing will change. You can still submit applications on the website of the state of NRW. Just make sure not to do this on a fake website.

Essential information on NRW Emergency Aid 2020 can be found here.

Our assessment

It is very annoying that criminal gangs take advantage of the plight of companies to enrich themselves here. We hope that the perpetrators will be caught and that the justice system will react appropriately here.

If you have received a notice of approval and are urgently in need of payment, please contact your bank and, if necessary, set up an appropriate line. We will gladly support you in this!

If you are only now applying for help, make sure you are using the right website. You can find it here.

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