Frank Thelen: „The Corona crisis also holds opportunities“
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Frank Thelen: „The Corona crisis also holds opportunities“

The challenge we are all facing affects large companies, sole traders and start-ups alike. How we deal with it will show who will be strengthened by this crisis and who will leave it shaken. We have asked start-up legend Frank Thelen for a guest contribution. It is about digital transformation, fighting spirit and fitness. „The Corona crisis also holds opportunities,“ is his message.

How start-ups can profit from the crisis

The Corona crisis has us all in its grip. We all feel the effects in our professional and private lives. Public life is largely at a standstill and the many restrictions and challenges we are experiencing are paralysing us. But the Corona crisis also brings opportunities.

Because now is not the time to stand idly by and watch things take their course. Yes, the conditions are more difficult than ever and yes, many companies are currently facing enormous hurdles. But: The current situation affects everyone, no matter whether they are a large corporation or a start-up. Everyone is facing the same challenges and only those who think and work consistently and courageously can emerge from the crisis stronger.

As a start-up you are more agile than large corporations – take this chance

Many large corporations with fixed assets and complex regulations now have a particularly difficult time. They are not used to working digitally with Google Drive, Zoom, Slack and Co. and have to get used to the new situation from the home office first. The technical steps of a videoconference alone still pose great challenges for many companies in this country. Startups are usually young, agile and used to digital workplaces. At least the productivity of your teams should not suffer too much under the current conditions.

In addition, in my experience the working atmosphere in start-ups is different – since ideally everyone identifies with the company and the mission, everyone pulls together. Of course, this is where you can see whether you have the right people on the team who are willing to fight for the survival of your company – even in difficult times.

Use the advantages of new technologies

Understand the digital affinity of your teams as a clear advantage over competitors in your market and try to get a head start through the targeted use of technology. If your product or service can also be digitally represented, your agility gives you a real chance to dominate your market with a digital alternative in times of corona.

And even if your day-to-day business is currently down, it may be worthwhile to get to grips with the new technologies now. In the vast majority of companies there is great potential for optimization through automation. Software has already reached a point where it can take over many repetitive tasks largely autonomously – and it is getting better all the time. If you establish digital automation processes now, you will save time and money in the long term – even after Corona.

So if you are currently forced to take time out because of the crisis, then use this time to further your education and to really take off after the crisis. Do not lose courage, work hard and above all: keep your mind and body fit!

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