Ecovis Short-Time Work Calculator 2020: Calculate net salary quickly and easily
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Ecovis Short-Time Work Calculator 2020: Calculate net salary quickly and easily

In the Corona crisis, the short-time working allowance is an instrument for securing liquidity and jobs from the entrepreneurs’ point of view. With our Ecovis short-time work calculator 2020 you can quickly and easily calculate the actual amount of short-time work compensation.

Employees can thus calculate the net salary they can expect to receive in the event of short-time working. From the employer’s point of view, the tool provides an uncomplicated overview of the total losses that employees in the low-wage sector in particular must expect.

The Ecovis short-time work calculator 2020


Information and expert assessments on short-time work compensation

In a detailed blog post, we have presented short-time work compensation as an instrument in the crisis and have compiled key framework conditions and facts:

Short-time working allowance as an instrument in the Corona crisis

In another blog post, we reported on a planned increase of the federal government to cushion the consequences in the low-wage sector. The film industry now also has a corresponding collective agreement for short-time work during the Corona crisis. We have compiled all the relevant information for you here.

In everyday life, our clients always asked the same questions when it came to the short-time work allowance and a possible application. We have also compiled the most frequently asked questions on this topic for you:

Hands-on experience: Questions and answers on the short-time work allowance

If you need support during the crisis, our experts are always there for you.

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