Data protection – Information about working in your home office
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Data protection – Information about working in your home office

Companies are increasingly concerned about employees being unable to work. This does not necessarily have to be due to illness of the employees. Absences of employees can also occur as a result of quarantine, school closures, etc. In these cases, employees would be forced to stay at home.

In order to remain able to work in this situation, it is possible to set up home office workplaces for employees.
In the following you will learn what you need to consider when working from home.

A home office is defined as a professional activity that takes place outside of the regular workplace, usually in the home environment of the respective employee. Since laptops, access to the company network, mobile phones, tablets etc. are often used for work processes and thus also for processing personal data, certain protective measures must be implemented here with regard to data protection and data security.

The company is responsible for implementing suitable technical and organisational measures. In the home office environment, these particularly include the following:

  • Documents for business purposes must be stored in a lockable storage facility,
  • Access to company data, documents and equipment by persons outside the company have to be prohibited,
  • Private use of business equipment should be prohibited,
  • Technical devices and data carriers (hard disk, PC, laptop, USB sticks etc.) should be encrypted,
  • Electronic data transmission, e.g. by email, must be encrypted,
  • Forwarding of professional emails to private email accounts should be prohibited,
  • Ideally, a VPN connection to the company network should be used to avoid data collection on the technical device,
  • Strong passwords must be used for logging on to devices and software,
  • For laptops and PCs, set the automatic lock-out function to lock the screen,
  • Arrange rules for documents that need to be destroyed,
  • Please note that sensitive data must be protected with particular emphasis,
  • As an employer, grant yourself supervisory rights,
  • If telephone calls are forwarded from the office to the private telephone, the private telephone number must be suppressed.

If home office is required, we will be glad to prepare an appropriate policy for your company. Please feel free to contact us for further information.

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