Tax authorities

You are under an obligation to contact the tax authorities

As soon as you arrive in Denmark to take up employment, you must contact the national register of your local authority to get a CPR-number (personal identification number). After this you have to contact your local tax administration. Based on the information given about your financial situation and an assessment of your tax liability, the tax authorities make a tax card, which the employer needs in order to figure out how much tax to collect. The tax card also shows your tax allowance. If you do not have a tax card, the employer must withhold 60% of your salary for taxes without allowances.

Things to remember when registering with the tax authorities, you need to bring:

  • Your latest assessment notice from your former country of residence
  • Information about salary and pension
  • Your purchase agreement if you have purchased a property
  • Credit information about interest income and expenses, foreign accounts etc. Personal identification, e.g. a passport