Construction Enterprises

If you are a Construction Enterprise and plan to operate in Denmark because you have a contract for a project or a part of, we can be of valuable assistance to you.

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  • Introduction
    • How to get the puzzle together for a business
    • Getting a Construction Enterprise running in DK
    • Global Company Setup
    • Construction Enterprise administrative duties
    • Handling Employees
    • Different Tax situations for employees
    • Accounting
    • Contact information
    • Profile of Ecovis
  • Some more details and Examples
    • Labour costs
    • Danish Labour Market – flexi security
    • Foreigners working in Denmark benefit from the Danish welfare system
    • Example of a payslip with 140 DKK per hour
    • Total cost for employer
    • Example of a Payroll Proposal
    • Expat scheme 27%
  • Disclaimer

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.