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Costly to forget your company’s Digital Mailbox


In Denmark all Companies must have a Digital Mailbox. Annual statements, the collection of corporation tax payments, on account tax rates, charges due, information on registration, messages from the Danish Business Authority and more is in the company’s Digital Mailbox.

The company’s Digital Mailbox or e-box can be full of important information. However, it is far from all who are checking, whether there perhaps is a message from the Danish Business Authority about missing registrations, something that in worst case can result in a forced dissolving of your company, and can have major implications and cause significant costs to advisers for the resumption. In some cases, resuming even not is possible.

We have for international clients experienced that they have regained large amounts of eg. VAT because they have paid the amount before the payment deadline. When the payment date arrives, then the amount is missing and the tax account becomes negative. If no response on Tax Administration’s letters in the Digital Mailbox about this, it can in a few months mean considerable interest and fees that are not tax deductable.

The above are just some of the cases that we have experienced over the last months. Please check your company’s Digital Mailbox regularly. The Digital Mailbox can also be set up to provide notification by email when there is new digital mail.

We can also offer to take care of your Digital Mailbox and give you notice of what received and make proposals for what should be done. Contact Christina Bundgaard Sørensen to help for use of Digital Mailbox in your company, or for an agreement that we look after it for you.

It can be costly, not to do anything.