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Tax services

You like to be creative – then we have something in common.

The tax consultant creatively blazes the trail for his/her clients through the jungle of regulations, to allow his/her client to tread safely. This requires a thorough analysis of every aspect. And where fiscal, legal and business administration concerns overlap, he or she needs to have ready access to the relevant expertise.

Accounting & auditing

You want to know where you stand - allow us audit you.

Our basic approach is interdisciplinary and problem-related, tailored to meet your needs and in compliance with legal requirements – this is how we audit your past performance and map out your future prospects.

Legal services

You want to see justice done - we should be happy to represent you.

In the world of paragraphs, opportunities and risks are only a hair’s breadth apart.
Unless you are well-versed in the limitations imposed and leeway allowed by our laws, it is difficult to stand your ground in the competitive world of business. Legal services are an essential component of any comprehensive consultancy package.

Corporate advisory services

You want to do business - we are with you.

Entrepreneurs – are enterprising. Which means, they have to be prepared to take decisions. Just how successful these decisions are depends, however, not only on your own performance but also on the quality of your advisors.
As your partners they too must be capable of quickly but firmly grasping the essential features of your business environment.

About Ecovis

Ecovis is a leading global consulting firm with its origins in Continental Europe. It has over 4,500 people operating in over 50 countries. Its consulting focus and core competencies lie in the areas of tax consultation, accounting, auditing and legal advice.