Ecovis Colombia

We are the perfect ally that develops assertive strategies for your business, leaving a high standard with our quality services.


In Ecovis we apply environmentally friendly technologies and practices, such as reducing paper use, which in turn reduces costs and contributes to the care of the planet. That is why, when these technologies are part of their processes, it can be long-lasting in time when it manages to make its model sustainable, balancing the economic, social and environmental aspects.

Who we are

We are your strategic ally in the country We have all our senses placed in your company and business, providing innovative services in legal aspects, consulting, auditing, outsourcing, business intelligence, etc., taking advantage and giving value to the different and most relevant data of the organization, turning information into ideas that meet the needs according to the objectives of the company and the industry.

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Accountant in Bogota
Ricardo Palacios Bazzani
Tel.: +57 310 7758978
Accountant in Bogota
Rodrigo Moreno Navarrete
Tel.: +57 3102482265
Auditor in Bogota
Isis Granados Rodríguez
Senior Audit Director
Tel.: +57 318 7512512
Marketing manager in Bogota
Sandra Catalina Niño Moreno
Marketing Manager
Tel.: +57 313 3330389
Strategic coordinator in Bogota
Leidy Espejo Polania
Strategic Coordinator
Mobile: +57 313 3330389
Phone: +57 1 7436380 (81) (82)
Lawyer in Bogota
Claudia Rojas
Mobile: +57 313 3330389
Phone: +57 1 7436380 (81) (82)