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Legal services

Corporate Law

Our firm provides legal advice in Commercial Law both ad-hoc and continuously. We provide services related to the different phases of the companies, from choosing the most appropriate legal form for the incorporation until the dissolution and final liquidation. We also provide efficient solutions to companies or individuals of foreign origin who wish to create a Company under Colombian legislation, which allows them to begin to develop their activities quickly and easily.

Laboral law

The correct wording of a contract is the first step to ensure your company and avoid future conflicts. That is why ECOVIS Colombia is your best choice when preparing or reviewing any type of contract or accompanying you in negotiations if necessary.

Corporate compliance

The importance of compliance with standards in our country has created the need to provide our clients with our compliance services which seek to advise and ensure legal compliance depending on each particular case and each industry.

Data Protection

We advise our clients on the application of the current legislation on data protection and consumer protection.
In cases where administrative claims arise or there are disciplinary procedures in progress, we will represent our clients.

Transfer prices

At ECOVIS Colombia, our clients have an interdisciplinary team willing to accompany and advise on everything related to the preparation of supporting documentation for operations that must comply with the provisions of the transfer pricing regime.

Brands and patents

The protection of intellectual property is fundamental in any type of company, that is why ECOVIS Colombia provides its clients with the services of trademark and patent registrations