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Global news

China’s Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Regulatory Environment
17.05.19 | In China, transactions in cryptocurrencies are heavily regulated. Ashley Tian of Ecovis, Beijing, explains the limitations and effects in this article. Background Prior to 2017, China had the world...
Data Analytics and the Evolving Audit
17.05.19 | Big data is not only revolutionizing business strategies and product development but has also made its appearance in the auditing field. In order to be able to offer its clients an even higher stan...
Amendments to the Value Added Tax Law of Turkey Related to the Exchange Rate Difference
17.05.19 | In recent years the Turkish tax authorities and courts have been in dispute as to whether exchange rate differences are subject to VAT. Now an amendment to the applicable law provides greater clari...
VAT refund available on construction works in Turkey
17.05.19 | VAT taxpayers can qualify for a VAT refund on their investment expenditures under article 13-d of the Value Added Tax Act No. 3065. The VAT refund is only applicable for machinery and equipment exp...
Germany is putting pressure on dubious tax arrangements
17.05.19 | In line with the EU directive on the obligation to report certain forms of fiscal cross-border transaction, Germany is also considering imposing such an obligation for purely domestic tax arrangeme...

China news

China’s Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Regulatory Environment
15.05.19 | China’s cryptocurrency market – We give you an overview of legal regulations and tax implications in terms of Bitcoin-related business.    1. Background Prior to 2017, China had the world’s largest...
Legal update China: new laws and regulations in 2019
26.02.19 | Regulatory change often comes quickly in China – and the year ahead will be no exception. Some major legal changes already came into effect on January 1st, 2019, whilst others are still in the pipe...
Data Protection in China
12.04.18 | On 1 May 2018, new standards will come into force that further clarifies the data protection rules of the Cyber Security Act. The cybersecurity law came into force on 1 June 2017 and regulates the ...
Accounting in China
30.11.17 | The Chinese Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (China-GAAP) are similar to the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), but differ from the American accounting system (US-GAAP). Mo...
China’s New Point System for Expats
30.03.17 | On 9 September 2016, the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs published the reform of the current work visa system for foreigners in China. The changes will merge the various regulations...