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Tax Compliance

Initiation of activities.

Formalization before the Tax Authority (SII) of the intention to start any commercial or professional activity after obtaining the ID Tax Number.

Termination of business line.

Act by which an individual or legal entity notifies the Tax Authority (SII) of its intention to terminate its activities or its commercial or industrial activities.

Annual tax statement of national or foreign companies and/or individuals.

Compliance with the declaration of the first and/or second category taxes as appropriate, as well as with the global complementary tax or additional tax.

Monthly tax statement (withholding tax and additional tax payment).

This is the monthly tax statement for taxes such as VAT, Additional Tax, etc.

Tax determinations in mergers, absorptions and sale of companies.

Before a company is merged, liquidated or sold, an in-depth analysis is made of all the tax issues before and after the transaction takes place, quantifying all the tax effects. It also contemplates the implementation of the corporate modifications, making the determinations or values required for each modification.

Mandatory Affidavits.

In accordance with tax regulations and those issued by the Tax Authority (SII), taxpayers must submit various affidavits during each year or tax period. Non-compliance carries consequences. Example of affidavits; declarations on transfer pricing, foreign investment, real estate, income tax, VAT, etc.