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The particular strength of ECOVIS lies in the combination of personal advice at a local level with the experience provided by its interdisciplinary network of international level professionals, relying on qualified specialists of the group as well as the know-how of experts worldwide. This highly diversified experience translates into effective support for customers especially in the area of international transactions and investments – beginning with the preparatory steps in the customer’s home country and ending with support in the country of destination.
Consulting services ECOVIS offers are particularly focused on midsize companies. Its concept of “one-stop-shop” ensures comprehensive care, both nationally and internationally level, in all legal, fiscal, administrative and management that may arise.

As the name implies, ECOVIS is the combination of the terms “economy” and “vision”. The group is characterized both by its internationality and its future orientation and growth.
ECOVIS Chile’s success is based on the experience of our partners and other equipment in high-level consulting firms, as well as the personal attention of our customers. We offer high quality services through the ongoing commitment of our staff in creating solutions for your business.
Our team is composed of approximately 10 collaborators, including experts on taxation, finance, business administration, auditors and accountants.
We offer a portfolio of customized services: AuditingAccountingTax Consulting.

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