Real Estate, Hotels & Infrastructure
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Real Estate, Hotels & Infrastructure

A holistic perspective on Real Estate, Hotels & Infrastructure

Our team offers quality legal advice for major real estate projects, be them commercial (logistic centers, hotels, office centers, supermarkets, shopping centers), residential (villas neighborhoods and blocks of flats, luxury and middle class level), or industrial acquisition and development, as well as their protection.

We strive for hotel owners and investors to obtain the best possible deals in what usually are some of the hardest negotiations. Under strong leadership, our team members absorb quickly new matters in the job at hand. The clients receive with our help the experience of initiating, implementing and making profit from large scale development and investment projects in hospitality industry.

They receive expert advice on property acquisition, construction and development, investment, operation, management agreement, marketing, sales and exit strategies. We do complete property legal due diligence, such as obtaining authorizations, permits, licenses and problematic urbanism and taxation issues. We represent best our clients’ interests in a professional and capable manner in relationship with authorities and in issues of real estate leasing, construction loans, equity debt, bridge loans and security packages.

Our team provides legal help in concessions and public-private partnerships for properties in the public ownership. We draft and score pluses in negotiations of construction contracts, property management and facility agreements, sale-purchase agreements, lease structures, marketing agreements, contracts with architects, supervisors and suppliers.

But to make good use of real estate projects you need good infrastructure. Our team has complex competencies in managing all legal components of large infrastructure projects, for clients that are also active in waste and water management, civil constructions and environmental protection initiatives. A way to do this was to learn the legal sides of infrastructure and transport business, to have in mind the bottom-line benefit, and to find in the intricate web of challenges those solutions that work best.

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