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Medical & Pharma

Legal solutions for Medical & Pharma so pacients come first

Our outstanding team is well qualified to perform all business consultancy and legal tasks in Medical & Pharma with great experience so that our clients can light-heartedly provide superior healthcare to patients that need a better quality of life.

On the Medical side, we offer our full legal expertise to strategic investment groups that want to set-up, develop and operate specialized medical clinics, as well as legal assistance in all sorts of transplants, depositing and international transportation of human tissue and stem cells.

We are prepared to obtain required authorizations and to give valuable advice on business operation and expansion of specialized clinics. Our complex legal services are fit to implement efficient work procedures, customize the workflow and create efficient communication and reporting paths for national and international networks of private clinics.

For Pharmaceutical business, we are fully prepared to obtain authorizations, permits and licenses necessary to start and manage a clinic by elaborating the documentation and initiating all processes. We give our clients the chance to stay ahead of the bell curve by offering regulatory monitoring, analysis and guidance to comply with the applicable legislation and rules, and we represent them in relation with the relevant national and international institutions.

Our legal mastery and ingenuity is of great help to companies that are active in distribution and logistical services (storage, custody, handling, warehousing and transport), retail, labeling and packaging, parallel import and export of prescription drugs, OTCs, food supplements, medical devices and branded products.

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