Labor and Social Security Advisory Services
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Labor and Social Security Advisory Services

The objective of the labor and social security consultants is to guide business persons in efficiently conducting the procedures in connection with those areas, so as to eliminate the risks of labor liabilities.

The services provided by ECOVIS BSP are unique in the market, for they go beyond a technical or superficial vision of the routines involved in labor management. We are always seeking a direct contact with the procedures related to all of the employment relationships of our clients, as well as the structuring or their internal controls.

The experience of the consultants in the labor and social security area, added to the deep knowledge of the legislation, results in a preventive work and in an effective management of the finances.

Routine Analysis

  • Review of labor routines
    Review of the main labor routines of the company, contemplating the bureaucratic procedures referring to the documents required by the legislation.
  • Review of fringe benefit controls
    Review of the main procedures linked to the personnel department routines with respect to the benefits granted, so as to identify possible distortions in the procedures, in addition to presenting critical remarks and suggestions concerning the internal control models used by the company.
  • Review of payroll and outsourced service management
    We confirm and analyze the significant payroll system routines and the calculations made. We also analyze the outsourcing procedures with regard to their activities, risks inherent to outsourcing, processes for filing the corroborating documents and internal controls, aiming to safeguard the hiring party against liabilities.

Specific Analysis

  • Investigation of labor and social security tax assets and liabilities
    Investigation and update of the Social Security Tax (INSS), the Government Severance Indemnity Fund for Employees (FGTS), and Income Tax Withholdings (IRRF) assets and liabilities, with guidance concerning their due update.
  • Advisory services regarding tax-deficiency notices
    Jointly with the client’s legal advisors, we investigate and review the amounts referred to by the public tax auditor with the purpose of generating subsidies to build up the defense and help in supervising the documents that will eventually be attached thereto.
  • Advisory services referring to digital bookkeeping – SPED – and the validation thereof in the public systems (Social Security), Digital File Standards Manual (MANAD)
    Our firm reviews the electronic information sent to the Tax Authorities through IT TAX tools developed in-house by the ECOVIS BSP team. We add value to the evaluation and interpretation of the reports by our specialist technical team. We add value to the assessment and interpretations of the reports issued by our specialist technical team.
  • Investigation of labor and social security practices (Labor due diligence)
    Labor due diligence includes advisory services referring to the investigation of labor and social security risks for acquisition purposes. It addresses a broad review of social security matters comprising the last five (5) fiscal years.

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