Corporate Advisory Services
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Corporate Advisory Services

The objective of corporate advisory Services is to establish a faster and more competitive management, in harmony with current reality, providing the company with decision making instruments at the right time.

Specific Services

  • Diagnosis of internal and financial controls
    The purpose of this type of work is to identify within the corporate routines indication of non-compliance with certain key and crucial processes, performed through interviews and discussions about procedures adopted by the company’ s Management. Such work aims at identifying control improvement opportunities with the intention of optimizing the management of corporate processes.
  • Accounting, tax and labor diagnoses
    The objective of this type of work is to identify non-compliance with significant accounting practices and procedures determined by the tax, labor and social security legislations through interviews and discussions with the company’s Management. Such work aims at identifying and offering specific solutions for each area involved that represents significant impacts on the business.
  • Controllership procedures
    We analyze the current controllership processes and processing systems, identifying significant issues that need improvement by developing and implanting solutions for strategic and budget planning, applying the best market practices, with the purpose of assessing, monitoring and, where necessary, modifying the actions with the intention of achieving the basic goals of the organization and decision making, always using the trinomial: costs, quality and time.
  • Economic and financial appraisal and modeling of the company
    Our firms analyzes the figures of the company and of the transactions with the purpose of preparing for a process of acquisition, merger, disposal, reorganization and restructuring, as well as continued assessments, assessments for tax purposes and the optimization of the tax benefits for both individuals and legal entities.
  • Advice on conducting or supporting merger and acquisition transactions
    We assess the viability of the business, the definition and review of the acquisition criteria, the identification and approach to appropriate acquisition goals, which best fit the strategic objectives of the company and we advise the development of a detailed strategic business plan.
  • Advisory services concerning IPOs
    We provide advisory services in order to change and adapt the structure of the company’s internal controls, with the intent of reaching stock market requisite levels, as well as those of regulatory bodies, assisting the company in the public offering of stock, by implanting the most recent Corporate Governance models and organizing the administrative, financial and accounting information in order to conform to the standards issued by regulatory bodies.

Due diligence

  • Before acquiring:
    due diligence directed towards potential purchasers or interested parties that which to know the tax, labor and social security risks they will undertake if the transaction is effectively made. It allows the purchasing company to consider the risks and contingencies identified by the practice adopted by the target company in price negotiation, establishing guarantees, or identifying alternative business structures, aiming at eliminating or reducing possible contingencies, thus protecting the benefits and results planned.
  • Before selling:
    due diligence directed towards companies that wish to prepare for a selling process or joint venture. The preliminary identification of potential risks and contingencies that would be identified in a pre-acquisition process allows the adoption of measures to eliminate or reduce possible risks (such as tax-deficiency notices), thus extremely facilitating the negotiation process with an eventual interested party.