intui Law firm - Member of ECOVIS International
is a Belgian law firm with offices in Leuven and Brussels.
intui offers extensive expertise in the main areas of corporate law, including law of non-profit organisations.

Law of associations and law of non-profit organisations

We advise associations and other non-profit and social-profit entities (not-for-profit organisations, foundations and social enterprises) regarding various aspects of their operations. Our practice covers some of the following areas:

  • Establishment of not-for-profit organisations and other non-profit entities
  • Conversion of not-for-profit organisations into social enterprises
  • Partnerships between non-profit entities
  • Corporate restructuring, mergers and demergers
  • Advice on tax status, subsidies/grants/funding, recognitions and permits
  • Advice on opportunities for, and the limits of, commercial activities undertaken by non-profit entities
  • Corporate governance and directors’ liability