intui Law firm - Member of ECOVIS International
is a Belgian law firm with offices in Leuven and Brussels.
intui offers extensive expertise in the main areas of corporate law, including law of non-profit organisations.

Distressed companies – Insolvency law

intui assists companies in financial distress and advises them on the most effective solution (legal reorganisation, liquidation, bankruptcy, etc.) We also protect the interests of creditors in these types of situations in order to recover their claims. We assist them in bringing liability claims, particularly against the founders and directors of companies.

For example, we provide advice on:
  • supervision and reorganisation of distressed companies (including the application of the Enterprise Continuity Act [Wet inzake de continuïteit van ondernemingen])
  • bankruptcy
  • corporate liquidation
  • liability claims following bankruptcy/liquidation
  • loan disputes
  • attachment, securities, benefits, mortgages and enforcemen