intui Law firm - Member of ECOVIS International
is a Belgian law firm with offices in Leuven and Brussels.
intui offers extensive expertise in the main areas of corporate law, including law of non-profit organisations.

Commercial law, distribution agreements and trading agents

intui advises businesses on drafting all their commercial agreements, in particular distribution agreements. We have extensive expertise on problems related to competition (including unfair competition). We also act in disputes related to all these issues, and handle proceedings both for district courts and in arbitration cases.

Our commercial practice includes the following areas (list is not exhaustive):
  • drafting of contracts and agreements (purchase/sale, rent, contracting, licensing agreements, etc.)
  • distribution agreements (trading agencies, bank and insurance agencies, concessions, franchising, etc.)
  • various business disputes
  • market practices
  • competition law
  • intellectual property rights
  • commercial arbitration and brokering