team offers an integrated and highly personalized approach to three key areas of your business: Compensation & Benefits Management, HR Review and International Employment.


Payroll accounting

  • Payroll for local employees and expatriates
  • Proactive and flexible approach
  • Payroll preparation (on site)
  • Personnel administration

International employment (immigration, tax, social security)

  • Taxation & social security for international employees (expatriates)
  • Salary splits
  • Immigration (work permit, visa, residence permit)
  • Representation with Belgian authorities for foreign companies
  • Relocation (housing, school children)
  • Spouse coaching

Compensation & benefits, HR review and optimization

  • Recommendations for optimization, rejuvenation and cost management
  • Set up of remuneration policy
  • Benchmarking
  • Social audit
  • Advice & support on implementing benefit schemes and company policies
  • Regular updates on remuneration packages to ensure compliance with latest legal requirements
  • Mergers and acquisitions: harmonization of salaries and benefits
  • On site HR partner
  • Support on fiscal, legal (employment) and social security matters