is a Belgian accounting firm with offices in Leuven and Brussels.
We provide accounting, tax and consulting services to local and international companies and associations.

About us

ECOVIS ACTA Consult is a professional service provider committed to put its knowledge to work for its clients. We are primarily active in accounting, tax and consulting. Our extensive experience and multi-disciplinary approach ensures that we can offer our clients effective, flexible solutions and help them to anticipate the tax, legal and economic consequences of their management decisions.

ECOVIS ACTA Consult is a dynamic organization with a flexible structure, which allows us, at any time, to refine our range of services to the ever-evolving circumstances in which companies and associations are working. As we have developed a tight-knit network with specialized professionals in related disciplines – including lawyers, IT consultants and actuaries – we’re able to provide high quality solutions to complex problems.

Our client portfolio includes more than 450 small and mid-sized businesses, subsidiaries of foreign groups and non-profit organizations.