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auditor Sarajevo

Nedžad Madžak, partner

Certified Public Accountant, Certified Auditor, Tax Advisor

Nedžad, as a tax advisor, accountant and auditor with over 18 years of experience he gained knowledge and experience in various fields of taxes, finances, accounting and audit. He advised and led various projects from financial and tax aspect. Projects covered various industries where most of them were realized in hotel, real estate, trade, manufacturing and energy sectors.

He performed a number of due diligences and tax reviews of mostly internationally owned companies and group of companies and provided related advisory services.
Furthermore, he dealt with numerous tax and financial inspections, often prepared appeals and law suits against the tax and other authorities. He has advised many international clients, multinational companies as well as high profile domestic clients on large scope of day-to day issues related to their business operations.

Phone: +387 33 562 741, Fax: +387 33 562 747

Certified Public Accountant Sarajevo

Emina Pleh – Abaz

Audit manager, Certified Public Accountant, Certified Auditor

Phone: +387 33 562 745, Fax: +387 33 562 747

accountant in Sarajevo

Belma Hodžić

Head of accounting services, Certified Public Accountant and Tax advisor

Phone: +387 33 562 742, Fax: +387 33 562 747

payroll accountant Sarajevo

Aleksandra Kalaš

Senior payroll accountant

Phone: +387 33 562 746, Fax: +387 33 562 747

VAT and accounting Sarajevo

Almir Šahmanović

VAT representation services and accounting

Phone: +387 33 562 743, Fax: +387 33 562 747

Office manager Sarajevo

Alvina Šašivarević

Office manager

Phone: +387 33 562 740, Fax: +387 33 562 747