International solutions

ECOVIS is represented in Europe, Asia, and North America and in over 50 countries worldwide and has a team of first-rate specialists in Austria with the expertise to handle international consulting queries.

Going International

We’ll make you fit for the international stage.
Even small local traders, skilled craftsmen and service providers cannot avoid the influence of international business competition. More and more middle class businesses are establishing production centres and subsidiaries abroad, not only to take advantage of cost benefits, but also to open up to new markets or because as suppliers they have to follow their customers. Increasing international integration and foreign presence is posing new economic, legal and tax issues. On the one hand the various tax laws, accounting and declaration obligations for Austrian companies that are not familiar with them can easily become costly pitfalls. On the other hand the thicket of widely differing legal and fiscal regulations also conceals a wide range of legal opportunities to minimise taxation.
Besides this, the wide range of possibilities available is often so great that a wise choice of the best form of taxation when operating abroad can result in a real competition advantage.

International fiscal optimisation

We make sure you are always on the safe side
Every country has a different body of tax regulations. Those who are well informed about which rules apply in which cases reduce the likelihood of falling foul of the law or crossing swords with the Austrian tax authorities. On the other hand the various legal and fiscal rules in other countries can be a mine of opportunities to improve one’s tax situation. We can give you the legal reassurance you need.

Services which we can offer you:

  • tax design and tax optimization
  • international changes to corporate form
  • transaction design for international company purchases and sales
  • international tax planning
  • planning, structuring and fiscal assistance with investments abroad
  • restructuring of investments already existing with regard to tax aspects
  • legal and fiscal planning, consulting and assistance with cross-border company purchases, sales and conversions
  • continuous fiscal and legal monitoring and supervision of existing structure

International financial reporting standards (IAS/IFRS)

Businessmen and businesswomen who want to think out of the box

In economic terms, the world is shrinking.
National accounting features are declining in significance. Demonstrate that you are an open-minded pioneer.

  • preparation and auditing of annual financial statements and consolidated financial statement according to IAS/IFRS
  • preparation of accounts and assistance with conversion to IAS/IFRS (consolidated statement/single entity statement)
  • trial balance
  • staff training
  • development of a manual

Your advantages:

You are in a position to offer investors, major customers and partners greater transparency, better information and comparability both nationally and internationally.