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Ireland: Ecovis is back in Ireland

Ecovis is represented in Ireland again from 1 Janury 2012 with a strong partner in the field of audit, accounting and tax services. The leading consulting firm for small and medium-sized enterprises in Germany has a worldwide network of partner offices in more than 40 countries. Ecovis clients conducting international business can thus call upon the country-specific expertise of all network partners.
Founded in 1976, ECOVIS BBT is now run by Denis O’Connor, Neale O’Hanlon and David Spicer. The office is located in Dublin, the capital, and consists of over 20 employees. In 2010, the firm reported fee income of circa 1.5 million €.
Ireland is slowly getting out of the financial crisis thanks to a strong increase in its exports. In 2009, the country had still the second highest gross domestic product (GDP) per capita in the E.U. According to some economists, GDP growth of 2.2 % growth is expected in 2012.
For further information about ECOVIS BBT please visit their website www.bbt.ie. Soon you will find detailed information on the ECOVIS websites, too.

Stand: Montag, 16.01.12

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