Spain: Chasing after assets and rights abroad (15.05.13)

Tax residents not conforming to the new reporting rules will face severe sanctions.

ECOVIS International Info - Newsletter 2/2013 (13.05.13)

Malaysia, Great Britain, Spain, Germany

Press release: Ecovis now to be represented in Uruguay (11.04.13)

The youngest member in the worldwide network of Ecovis is Uruguay. As a leading global consulting firm with its origins in Continental Europe, Ecovis has over 4,000 people operating in over 50 countries. Its consulting focus and...

Revisor Informerer 1/2013 (14.03.13)

Højere beskatning af fri bil i 2013 Hvis du har fri bil til rådighed, og hvis bilen er nyindregistreret i årene 2010-2012, venter en ekstra skattebetaling, da beskatningen af fri bil er skærpet fra og med...

Preparation is everything (25.02.13)

Plan ahead - to avoid headaches and improve your business

An opportunity for foreigners to buy? (20.02.13)

Taxation and other costs have to be kept in mind when deciding on purchasing property.

Keeping the taxman happy - The closer government focus on tax compliance needn`t cause problems (18.02.13)

Whilst George Osborne, the British Minister of Finance, has suggested that multinationals that use aggressive tax planning tactics to reduce their corporation tax liabilities will face far greater levels of scrutiny, ...

Revisor informerer – særnummer 2013 (18.02.13)

Spar penge på dagsbeviser Det bliver fremover muligt på en ny måde at anvende din virk- somheds gulpladebil til private formål, hvis bilen højst vejer tre tons. Det kræver, at du køber et...

ECOVIS International Info - Newsletter 1/2013 (13.02.13)

International, China, Great Britain

International legal barometer: Insolvency proceedings - the gap between theory and practice (11.02.13)

Peter Lüdemann, a board member at Ecovis, has issued the following statement on the key findings of Ecovis' bankruptcy law barometer. "In 1999, Germany introduced a reform of its bankruptcy law, with the aim of safeguarding and...

China: Supplementary Circular on Several Tax Policies on the Taxable Scope for the Pilot Collection of Value Added Tax in Lieu of Business Tax in the Transportation Industry and Some Modern Service Industries (07.01.13)

Subject to “Supplementary Circular on Several Tax Policies on the Taxable Scope for the Pilot Collection of Value Added Tax in Lieu of Business Tax in the Transportation Industry and Some Modern Service Industries” (Cai Shui...

Revisor Informerer 4/2012 (06.12.12)

De seneste år har vilkårene for pensionsopsparing ændret sig over flere omgange,så det i dag er blevet vanskeligt for selvstændigt erhvervsdrivende at sikre sig en god økonomi i pensionsårene. Da det samtidig er blevet sværere at...

ECOVIS International Info - Newsletter 4/2012 (08.10.12)

International, Vietnam, Balkans

Vietnam: ECOVIS STT Newsletter, October 2012 (05.10.12)

Draft decree on casino business; License fees for karaoke and discotheque businesses; Suspension of the issuance of automatic import licenses...

Western Balkans – hidden opportunities (02.10.12)

Almost everyone knows about Yugoslavia and Tito. However, not many people are familiar with the countries that emerged from the former Yugoslavia 20 years ago. The new states represent new markets – with new needs and...

Revisor Informerer 3/2012 (01.10.12)

Siden den 1. juli 2012 har SKAT kunnet udskrive en række nye administrative bøder til virksomheder, der for sent eller forkert indberetter sine løbende obligatoriske oplysninger til SKAT. Det er derfor vigtigt, at oplysninger...

ECOVIS International Info - Newsletter 3/2012 (25.09.12)

Netherlands, China, Austria, Romania

Malta - Switzerland Income Tax Treaty (24.09.12)

Status: In ForceConcluded:  25 February 2011.Entered into Force: 6 July 2012.Effective Date: 1 January 2013One of the latest additions to the long list of Double Taxation Treaties (DTT) entered into between Malta and other...

Vietnam: ECOVIS STT Newsletter, August 2012 (21.08.12)

Foreign employees working in Vietnam under scrutiny; New Circular on Corporate Income Tax (CIT) from 2012; Decree providing guidance on additional fiscal stimulus ; ...

Slovak Tax News 4/2012 (21.08.12)

4/2012- Download Slovak Tax News (english and slovak; PDF)

Vietnam: ECOVIS STT Newsletter, July 2012 (12.07.12)

Update on tax and customs policies on Export Processing Enterprises’ (EPEs) rights on export, import, and distribution, New Circular on Tax Registration, New regulation on perdiem for short term overseas business trips, ...

Malaysia: ECOVIS AHL - Malaysia is Ecovis Country No. 50 (04.07.12)

Berlin, 5th July 2012 – Ecovis is now represented by an exclusive partner in Malaysia, too. Thus the leading consulting firm for small and medium-sized enterprises in Germany has a worldwide network of partner offices in 50...

Vietnam: ECOVIS STT Newsletter, June 2012 (03.07.12)

Amended Labour Code, Additional Tax Reliefs for Enterprises and Individuals Approved, ...

Tax avoidance strategy - Moving profits to lower taxes (29.06.12)

The Dutch-Irish method is very attractive and, more importantly, it is perfectly legal.Profits deriving from royalties on intellectual property, like the patents on software that run devices, are most suitable for the Dutch-Irish...

Taxattion and freelance projects in China - Loopholes? (27.06.12)

The taxes paid by foreign freelancers in China depend on a number of factors.The work of a freelancer includes professional services such as independent scientific, literary, artistic, educational or teaching activities as well...

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