Revisor Informerer - 2. KVARTAL 2014 (11.06.14)

Dyrt at glemme den udvidede selvangivelse Er du selvstændig erhvervsdrivende, skal du udfylde og ind- berette din udvidede selvangivelse senest den 1. juli. ...

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Ansættelse outsoursing regnskabsfunktion (09.04.14)

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Revisor Informerer - 1. KVARTAL 2014 (19.03.14)

For tidlige betalinger til SKAT kan være dyre For tidlige betalinger til SKAT kan være dyre Siden 1. august 2013 er alle virk- somheders skattebetalinger sket via en for virksomheden specifik skattekonto. Uanset om du...

Revisor Informerer 1/2014 (21.02.14)

Iværksætterselskaber – nu er de her Den 1. januar 2014 blev det muligt at stifte iværksætterselskaber. Et iværksætterselskab, IVS, er en særlig type anpartsselskab med egne regler om blandt andet kapital og opsparing af overskud....

Udbyttebeskatning 2014 (15.01.14)

Hvor meget ønsker du/i at have tilbage efter at udbytteskat er betalt...

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Revisor Informerer 4/2013 (18.12.13)

Ulovlige lån: En dyr fornøjelse Som leder eller ejer af et anpartsselskab eller aktieselskab må duikke sammenblande din private økonomi med selskabets økonomi.Alligevel forekommer de ulovlige lån stadig.

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ECOVIS KGA Limited: Expanding the international partner network to New Zealand (18.11.13)

Munich, 18. November 2013 - KGA Limited of Auckland, New Zealand, has joined Ecovis. The global consulting firm with its origins in Continental Europe is thus represented in 56 countries. Its consulting focus lies in the areas of...

ECOVIS International Info - Newsletter 4/2013 (11.11.13)

Turkey, Australia, India

Revision og årsregnskaber 2013 (16.10.13)

Hvem står på mål for årsregnskabet?

Revisor Informerer 3/2013 (09.09.13)

Er der fradrag, når jeg er - sponsor for min datters rideklub? Det er ikke altid, du kan trække sponsorater fra i skat. Hvis sponsoratetikke flugter med firmaets interesser, er beløbet ikke fradragsberettiget.Her har du...

New partner firms in Australia and Greece: Ecovis is now represented on all five continents (14.08.13)

In the beginning of July Australian accounting firm Clark Jacobs joined Ecovis. The global consulting firm with its origins in Continental Europe is thus represented on the fifth continent, too. Ecovis also welcomes a new partner...

ECOVIS International Info - Newsletter 3/2013 (31.07.13)

International, Latvia, Malta

Combating tax fraud and evasion: EU Commission sets out concrete measures (23.07.13)

Minimum sanctions for tax crimes, a cross-border tax identification number, an EU tax-payer's charter and stronger common measures against tax havens and aggressive tax planning. These are just some of the concrete ideas that...

Risk management in medium-sized companies – established after more than a decade of experience (22.07.13)

It is only by recognizing the risks which may threaten its existence that makes it possible for a company to adopt the appropriate countermeasures to deal with these risks. The prime focus should not be on  a complete...

United opportunities - Western Balkans (21.07.13)

In autumn ECOVIS Confidas highlighted the Western Balkans and did the next step. We were sponsors of REBEC fair & conference – www.rebec.rs and hosted it at our ECOVIS premises in Belgrade under the slogan "united...

Introduction of the Euro to Latvia: Latvia is going to join the European single currency (20.07.13)

The government of Latvia is purposefully performing all necessary measures in order to introduce the euro as the official currency in Latvia starting from 1st January, 2014. As regards the transition from Latvian lats to euro...

International Fiscal Policy Barometer: Tax offenders and tax exiles in the crosshairs (19.07.13)

At a time of high national debt and tight budgets in many industrialised countries, the fiscal authorities are now in hot pursuit of tax offenders and greater pressure is being put on tax havens. This was reason enough for Ecovis...

UK and Asia-Pacific link up (18.07.13)

- A £1bn deal secured to transform London’s historical waterfront providing a gateway for Asia.

Revisor Informerer 2/2013 (27.06.13)

Husk lige selvangivelsen Fristen for indberetning af selvangivelsen for personlige erhvervsdrivende vedrørende indkomståret 2012 er den 1. juli 2013. Husk denne frist for at undgå kontrollovstillæg. Vær opmærksom på, at du har...

Germany: Tax refunds in Germany (31.05.13)

Corporate shareholders from the EU and EEA can reclaim dividend tax paid previously.

China: Starting Business in China – in Brief (30.05.13)

The process of foreign investment in China is a complex subject and raises a lot of questions due to the legal requirements that have to be considered. Beforehand one should choose the legal structure of the company that best...

India: An admission ticket to many benefits (28.05.13)

Persons of Indian origin who are citizens of other countries may apply for a PIO card.

Vietnam: Award-winning services (25.05.13)

ECOVIS STT Vietnam has been honored as “Top Vietnam Brand in 2012” for its excellence.

UK: Incentives for the creative sector (23.05.13)

The UK Government defends the country’s pole position in high-quality productions.

Malaysia: Financial irregularities – who is to blame? (21.05.13)

Increasingly auditors are held accountable when corporate fraud is detected.

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