Personnel and payroll services

ECOVIS System Rewident offers you personnel and payroll services. We are holding, on behalf of the client, salaries administration and employee’s personal files, regardless of a legal form of employment. We also support our clients in the process of costs optimization, which is  referred to personnel management costs.

Highly qualified professionals treat every client and each of his employees individually, taking into account their specific requirements and needs. We provide our services placing emphasis on building a mutual trust, delivering quick, reliable and complex information and ensuring quick response to questioned issues and problems.

Within the framework of personal file administration we offer:

  • holding person files and making it accessible, 
  • recording and controlling absence settlements (leaves of any kind), 
  • controlling validity of medical examination and referring to it – preliminary, periodic and control examination, 
  • controlling obligatory trainings documentation, 
  • registering employees in ZUS, 
  • drawing up documentation connected with establishing and cessation of employment, 
  • issuing certificates concerning, among others, periods of employment, salary confirmations and references, 
  • calculating PFRON due, preparing and submitting declarations, 
  • drawing up GUS declarations, 
  • drawing up copies of employees documents, 
  • handling external control authorities, 
  • transferring information to the banks and court executive officers, 
  • preparing reports for the benefit of personnel management, including time sheet analysis,

ECOVIS System Rewident uses modern tools, which enable wide scope of data analysis. One of the suggested solutions is payroll service based on COMARCH ERP XL system.

Within the framework of payroll administration we offer:

  • calculating salaries and drawing up payrolls, 
  • drawing up salary’s statements for employees, 
  • making bank transfers of salaries, 
  • preparing tax and social insurance declarations and submitting them to tax offices and ZUS, 
  • settling company’s social fund, 
  • settling commission agreements, 
  • settling overtime, according to received documentation, 
  • calculating local and foreign travel allowances, 
  • completing documents for initial capital calculation purposes, in order to forward it to ZUS (physical forwarding), 
  • handling external control authorities, 
  • drawing up payroll reports for internal and external purposes (including GUS reports),

The range of our services can be adjusted to client’s requirements and needs. We provide services in our office or in client’s headquarters.

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